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Best places in the world and why they are popular

It’s traveling season and looking for the perfect destination can be time-consuming amidst getting all the travel documents ready and packing for the trip. So, we bring you 5 of the world’s best places and why they are popular.


No list of places would be complete if it did not include Paris – the city of lights and love! It is that place that is on almost every traveler’s bucket list and is every couple’s honeymoon destination. It has some internationally renowned sights that are frequently included in travel publications, movies, and other artistic works. With a population of over 2 million people, Paris is one of Europe’s most visited cities. And the reasons are pretty obvious! The Eiffel tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, and the Louvre Museum are among its most famous landmarks. Along with these gorgeous sights, the city’s terrace cafes and high-quality gastronomy have people flocking to Paris all year round.