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Do You Know How to Differentiate Mineral Water and Drinking Water?

Shin has witnessed that lots of consumers are being manipulated by sellers, where they had to pay mineral-water price for drinking water. With that, Shin had decided to find out from the Ministry of Health’s website to help more consumers to be more aware about this.

Two ways you can differentiate between normal drinking water and mineral water is by reading the label; and the easiest way of all is by looking at the bottle cap: White (Drinking Water) & Other Colours (Mineral Water).

Having the right water is important for our health. Mineral water as its name suggests give you the mineral that your body needs; while drinking water, through filtration and sterilisation, has taken out all the minerals leaving behind just water.

As a savvy consumer, if a seller sells to you “mineral water” in white cap, you can ask for the right bottle of mineral water for your money worth.

Similarly for taxation, get the right person to advise you are also important to get your money worth.


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