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How Do You Build Your Fans Club

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

There are four simple ways to build relationships, gather your own fans and even start a fan club! By practicing these four ways, you are able to nurture a hi-and-bye relationships into a sustainable one. In the process, helping yourself and others to mature in a special way.

What are the four ways and why is it so? Let’s explore the first way.

First, Generosity. The nature of generosity is the intention to practice opening up your heart (and your pocket), by blessing others with what you have. This is a practice of removing the calculative and stingy nature of you being a human being. Surely you must agree that nobody would like to be associated with a stingy and calculative fellow, would they?

In order to gather your fans and build relationships with them, they must first be pleased. This is highly depending on your giving to them. Giving here can mean giving material things such as gifts, sharing of ideas and knowledge, or even spending time to weather through tough times together. Most important, you are providing benefits to them by supporting them physically, mentally and spiritually.

What is important here is that when you become generous, it makes your fans “fit and ready” to listen to you. It is like, Shin does you a favour, you are likely to return a favour to Shin. Why is it so simple and yet so profound? The law of reciprocity mentioned that we as human beings in many social situations, we pay back what we received from others. It makes them happy with the person who does that. It is the first step getting into the door of someone’s heart (and possible, pocket).

In conclusion, do notice that Generosity is non-other than a state of mind. By destroying all stinginess, it helps to bring down the wall between you and a stranger’s heart (your potential fan). After doing this repeatedly, it is then time to move on to the second step.

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