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How To Build Your Fans Club Part 3

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

When your fans are convinced that they have found a solution to their challenge, which is you, the next question your fans would ask is, “are you the right person to show me the way?”

That brings us to the third instalment of how to build your fan club.

Third, Working at the aims. Remembered that we shared about your action being congruent with your speech? Your fans know they have to do something about their current situation, be it in business, career, family or even relationship. You have caused them to accomplish virtue by working at their dreams. However, if you have not accomplished the virtue yourself, when you are sharing a working model, “you have to do this, and don’t do that,” your fans may question you for that. Your fans may not even listen to you to what you tell them to practice. Instead, if you engage them by practicing yourself, they will think you are a credible person that they believe you are bringing values to the table that benefit them by first leading the way.

You position yourself with your credibility and your brand promise. And your fans know you have been there, done that. Yet, how about them? In this phase, you help your fans to work on the aspirations as they have been guided by you earlier. And the best way is to involve them in correctly taking charge of their action by start working on their dreams. Let them have the freedom and belief that they can do it!

In consistent practice, your fans will now be empowered to unleash their potentials because you have shown them the way to success. This is called Modelling Success. After they are capable to conquer this step, you are preparing them for the next step.

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