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How To Build Your Fans Club Part 4

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The ultimate goal to build your fan base is to build a sustainable ecosystem.

In this last step, you would already know who your loyal fans are. It is important to know who have made it to the inner circle for them to enjoy better rewards. The reason for you to have a fan base to build a sustainable and supportive community that champion success.

No one wants to have “parasites” in the community to rot the ecosystem. Do take note that along the way, some of your fans will check out. Why? Because working at their dreams is very difficult. Some will give up eventually because they have not accumulated the grit to be where they want to be. It is okay to let them go. They are not going towards the same direction as you are. Let them leave in peace and remember don’t go burning bridges. Have good intention to wish them well; who knows in the future, they might be coming back to you again.

In this final phase, your focus is into making a sustainable community culture. Ask yourself, “what fan culture that you I want to see in my fan club?” Having this clarity in mind speaks volume to the progress of your club and the sustenance of your club’s existence. Here are some tips to help you to build your club’s culture: make your fan club a fun place to be, continue to shower them with values that keep their momentum going, involve them in every possible way to keep them engaged, constantly remind your fans about the values pillars that support this community. By doing so consistently, you will have greater success to have your fans for life!

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