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How to Say "No" Effectively

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Have you ever experienced having difficulty to say “NO”?

You are not alone. The number one reason why people find it hard to say “NO” is because they don’t want to create conflict with the people closed to you.

Last week during an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programme with a famous medical institution in Malaysia, 90% of the participants said that they didn’t know how to say “NO”. With that, symptoms like burnt out, bullied, stressed, and frustrated were written on their faces and body languages.

Being in an Asian society, generally, we were brought up as obedient, reserved and compliant sons and daughters. As a filial son/ daughter, it is our duty to maintain peace and harmony, in our home, our workplace and in our society. It is normal to see that why Asians find it hard to be assertive in saying “NO” than our Western counterparts due to the environment that we are living in.

Can you change that? Yes, you can. How?

Come join us on Seriously Play YouTube channel. We will be featuring more tips and techniques on how you can say “NO” assertively.

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