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JaminKerja Program – Employment Incentives

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Employers who take on new hires from vulnerable groups such as apprentices, recent graduate, and apprentices are eligible to apply for “JaminKerja- Employment Incentive.” A maximum incentive of RM 36,000 per employee within 12 months is available to employers who registered with SOSCO before 1st January of 2022.

According to Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz, who detailed the package during the tabling of the Budget, JaminKerja will guarantee 600,000 jobs opportunities with an allocation of RM4.8 billion.

Employers who hire additional female employees, people from the tourism industry, or local workers to replace foreign labor will benefit from this incentive. According to Socso, this incentive will lead to a greater number of jobs openings, including new hires, and a decrease in Malaysia’s unemployment rate.

Eligible employers can send in their applications staring 17th January until 30th June 2022. Well do not worry, this incentive has been extended until 31st December 2022.


  • Employers from all industry categories registered with SOCSO before 1st January 2022.

  • Employers from the public sectors, federal and state statutory bodies, remuneration separated statutory bodies, and local authorities (PBT) are only eligible for the apprenticeship category.

Ineligible employees are:

Private employment agency or outsourcing businesses (outsourcing/ contractor for service) that serve as the principal client rather than the principal employer and offer job placement services. However, to be eligible got this incentive, a direct employer must be an employment agency outsourcing business that manages the payment of salary and employee contributions.


Eligibility Requirements


  • Workers aged 18-30 years

  • Executive positions only

General Jobseekers

  • Workers aged 16-50 years

  • Unemployed for at least 60 days

Vulnerable groups

  • Unemployed individuals exceeding the 180-day period for SIP Beneficiaries.

  • Ex-military personnel

  • Indigenous people

  • Ex-prisoners/people on parole

  • People with Disabilities (OKU)

  • Employees aged fifty and over


  • Unemployed for more than 6 months

  • Single mothers/stay-at-home spouses who are not actively working

  • Flexible job offers

Jobs under key sectors

  • Jobs that are under tourism-related sectors.

Replacement of foreign workers and expatriates

  • Employers who have proof of having expatriates or foreign workers and fill replacement roles with Malaysian employees.

Incentive rates

  • An incentive of 20% of gross salaries up to RM 12,000 will be given for each employee of they have been successfully employed for the first six months, and of 40% of gross salaries up to RM 24,000 if the employee is employed for the next 6 months.

  • In total, a maximum incentive of RM 36,000 will be provided for everyone hired under this initiative.

  • The incentives will be paid to the employer every two months for employment performed within 12 months.

  • Payments will be made for the period the employee is active and will be terminated in the event of registration.

  • A mobility allowance of RM 500 will also be provided to recruited employees, paid directly on a ‘one off’ basis to the employees who will be paid if the first month the recruitment incentive is approved.


Months 1-6

Months 7-12

Minimum terms &contract period


RM 900


RM 1,500; 6-month contract

General job seekers

20% of the employee’s gross salary

30% of the employee’s gross salary

RM 1,500; 12- month contract

Vulnerable groups

30% of the employee’s gross salary

40% of the employee’s gross salary

Salary of the employee RM 1,200; 12-month contract.


30% of the employee’s gross salary

40% of the employee’s gross salary

RM 1,200; 12- month contract

Jobs under key sectors

30% of the employee’s gross salary

40% of the employee’s gross salary

RM 1,500; 12- month contract

Replacement of foreign workers and expatriates.

10% of the employee’s gross salary is paid directly to the employee (Min RM300)

​10% of the employee’s gross salary is paid directly to the employee (Min RM300)

RM1,200: RM3,000 to Expatriates; 12-month contract.

How do I apply for JaminKerja?

  1. The employer must register a job opening at the MYFutureJobs portal.

  2. After hiring, the employee must register the new hire at to apply JaminKerja.

  3. The employer will receive the application status within 14 days from the application date. The employer must the pay the salary according to the employee offer letter.

  4. Payment will be credited to the employers every 2 months according to the employee’s EPF and SOCSO contribution record.

What are the documents you required for applying for JaminKerja?

  1. The employer’s bank account information, account number and bank name.

  2. The employer’s Business Registration Number (BRN) information with the bank’s approval.

  3. Job Confirmation Form that has been signed by the employee.

  4. The employee’s bank account information.

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