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Malaysian Pay Gap

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Are you curious to find out how much are you getting paid for a job position? Thanks to Malaysia Pay Gap, you can now easily assess your job prospects and the potential salary about the position offered. Malaysia Pay Gap is an Instagram page founded in February 2022 where people can share their salaries anonymously. Prestine, the founder, started because she wanted to understand the market pricing of the gig industry that she was in. Little did she know that Malaysians reacted positively towards her page. What information can you see inside the page?

1. Job/ Position

2. Age/ Gender/ Race

3. Education Level/ Qualifications

4. Work Experience

5. Work Location

6. Salary

7. Thoughts/ Messages/ Insights

Do check out this page if you would like to find out what your industry is offering. Even though the information shared is for the purpose of having a fair pay for the workforce, as an employee, you have the upskill yourself to deserve the salary received.

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