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Nothing Wrong: It's Just All About Priorities

There is nothing wrong about our choices in life, it's just all about our own priorities

We used to blame the world is moving too fast, leaving us with no choice but to follow the pace/trend that makes us stressed.

We used to face peer pressure and influences, and the common reason being every friend is doing great in their younger age, but why not 'you'.

Therefore, you have no choice but to keep going fast and strive harder.

Please, you need to believe that they are not the totality. They are just several out of thousands/millions of options in our life.

We can choose to take a break in this fast-paced society.

We can find our own way to live instead of following the norm.

We can choose to not be influenced easily by knowing what's important in our own life.

"It's all about the choice and option in life, nothing right or wrong."

Nothing Wrong - All about choices
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