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Relieving Emotional Stress Within 2 Minutes

We live in a VUCA world now, everything seems to be volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

With that, it has created stress in our lives.

With the help from our EQ Specialist, Jeffro Ong, he would show you applicable techniques to reduce that stress so you could ride the wave.

Three learning takeaways:

💡 Aware the warning signs of burnout

💡 Experience 2-minute stress-relief techniques

💡 Apply EQ tips to boost self-control in daily routine


Seriously Play is a platform to learn practical business-related skills in a light and fun manner. This platform combines both technical know-how and soft skills application. It also offers a variety of tools and techniques to help businesses gain clarity, manage resources and align teams.

Relieving Emotional Stress Within 2 Minutes
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