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Tax Forms To File in 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Taxation Techie Series 4

🐱‍🏍Hurry Up. It's going to due soon🐱‍🏍

The Tax Forms to file in year 2022 is going to due soon

In the slides below, we have provided you with a comprehensive list of tax forms to be filed in 2022 and their respective due dates.

Save it down for your future reference!

Trust us, it's going to be important and beneficial for you

Apart from that, the first form which is going to due soon is "FORM EA" on 28 Feb 2022...

Just few weeks after we come back from Chinese New Year Holidays leh

📌Have you started preparing your FORM EA

📌Do you actually know how to start preparing FORM EA

If you are still a bit blur on preparing this form, then better to join us for our "FREE WEBINAR" on coming Friday (21 Jan 2022) to learn more about it

I am sure that "YOU" don't want to "KENA" penalties by IRB because of some mistakes in preparing the form right

Option A: You attended our webinar for RM0, learn the common mistakes in preparing Form EA, you skipped yourself from penalties.

Option B: You didn't attend our free webinar and make some common mistakes, you faced penalties with few thousand ringgit

We let you choose and if your answer is A, then there you go with the registration link

Taxation Techie Series 4
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