An Implementation Program Designed to Transform People Managers into People Connectors Using The C2C Communication Accelerator Framework

CONVERSE TO CONNECT is designed to help participants:-

  • To uncover their own strengths and weaknesses when relating to others, first by being self-aware,

  • To shift their mindset to see opportunities

  • To communicate and engage with people in every possible situations.

It provides a solid foundation and indispensable skill for any person to become effective in making intellectual and socially pleasant conversations, specifically in a workplace environment. 

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Team Excellence Communication

An Implementation Bootcamp Designed to Transform Managers into Leaders Using The Team Accelerator Framework

We're solving the 3 greatest problems that stop managers from growing their teams:

  • Lack of Focus,

  • Lack of Communication, and/or

  • Lack of Systems & Structures.

From this programme, you will learn how to

  • Nurture team easily and instantly.

  • Increase your influence and get things done more effectively and efficiently.

  • Handle conflicts, complaints, tricky situations professionally and pleasantly.


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