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Best moisturizers for sensitive skin

As we step into 2023, one of our main resolutions this year is to have healthy skin. We put a lot of effort into eating healthy foods for our gut health but what about our skin health? It is very crucial to have a proper skincare routine to make sure our skin is getting all the essentials it needs.

Now, when we talk about skincare the first thing that may pop into most of our minds is how celebrities do it. The long, 10-step routine! Even though that may work, it does consume a lot of time. With how busy everyone’s schedule is nowadays, that seems like a lot of trouble. And moreover, what works for them may not work for us. Therefore, it is important to do your research before investing in skincare because, let’s be honest, skincare is expensive. So, it is better to make sure that the products you are buying are worth the money spent.

Today’s blog is for those who have sensitive skin. It is not easy to take care of sensitive skin. You might be excited to try out new launches in skincare but you’re afraid of what reaction it will cause on your skin. Sensitive skin needs a lot of attention and time to be taken care of. And when it comes to buying new skincare, research is your best friend. Today, we are listing out some of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin that you can find in Malaysia. No matter what type of skin you have, a good moisturizer is very important to maintain the moisture barrier in your skin.

A lot of international brands are not readily available in Malaysia, so we make this list in hopes that you will find it helpful. Read away!

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer

The Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer helps to keep the skin moisturized while rebuilding the skin's barrier for improved protection against environmental contaminants. The formula of the moisturizer includes vitamins E, glycerin, and B5, which are helpful in calming the skin and minimizing any bumps on the skin's surface.

Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

Ever since K-beauty has taken over, people have been flocking to skincare stores to get their hands on these products. Cosrx is one of those brands that have delivered what it claimed. With its numerous product lines and unique formulation, they have changed the skincare game not just for Korean beauty, but globally as well. Cosrx’s one of the best-selling products is the Snail 92 All In One Cream. Snail mucin is a component of and the principal ingredient of this moisturizer. The quickly absorbing formula of the product helps to lighten the skin's tone and cure any skin damage, including hyperpigmentation, dark patches, and acne scars. This moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin and reduces friction to prevent inflammation.

Neutrogena Moisture SPF15

This is an OG moisturizer. Most of us have seen Neutrogena products ever since we were kids. It’s been around for a long time, and we can see why. All products in Neutrogena work amazingly and have received outstanding reviews throughout the years. Once applied, the non-greasy, light-weight formula of the Neutrogena Moisture SPF15 moisturizer quickly absorbs into the skin. Since the moisturizer comes with a combined SPF, it shields the skin from the damaging UV rays released by the sun without clogging pores. The pump bottle is a hassle-free way to apply the product and leaves the skin feeling soft after application.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

Fans of Clinique's Moisture Surge 100-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator include those with sensitive skin as well as skincare enthusiasts. This moisturizer went viral on TikTok and Instagram when it first launched. Beauty influencers took it upon themselves to try it out and left astounding reviews which quickly increased the market for this product. It is well-liked since it provides a ton of moisture to the skin while also soothing irritations. This moisturizer does not clog pores and aids in retaining moisture to keep the skin barriers healthy.

Laneige Radian-C Cream

Utilizing a novel and cutting-edge skincare technique, the Laneige Radian-C Cream helps to lighten the skin from the inside out. This moisturizer has an anti-blue light composition that shields the skin from the blue light emitted by gadgets like our smartphones and laptops. This is very important for sensitive skin since it is getting an extra layer of protection. This moisturizer is soothing on the face and aids in fading dark spots.

These are some of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin out there according to the numerous reviews left by customers all over Malaysia. However, do bear in mind that every skin is different. You are the only one who will know what is best for your skin. Before purchasing any recommended product, always make sure to research beforehand. Your research must include your skin type, what products and ingredients are best for your skin type, if the products you will be buying have the necessary ingredients, and most importantly, adverse effects.

Take it slow when getting to know your skin better because good things and healthy skin always take time!

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