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Remote Working

After the economy has opened, companies are adopting hybrid working. Survey by Gartner has revealed that 48% employees love working remotely in the post-pandemic world, compared to 30% before. It shows that employees preferred to work remotely. It has become a trend that is accelerating and challenge HR leaders to include this strategy in recruiting and managing talents.

Beauty about remote working:

Higher productivity. Remote workers are reported improved their productivity and invested more time to working remotely compared to when they were in the office. This is contributed by the elimination of time wasting on commuting daily to work.

Flexibility. Remote workers can now report to work from anywhere besides offices. And flexible working hours allow employees to choose their peak hours to work, and to balance their lives in between their work.

Reduce absenteeism. Surprisingly, absenteeism is reduced as remote workers felt that they are trusted by their employers. With the trust, employees feel empowered to be responsible and accountable for their own results.

If you are a HR leader, do consider the option of hybrid working as employees love that in this post-pandemic era. It will help you to attract better talents who are productive to yield the results you want.

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