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Top 5 Accounting Software For Your Business

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, Malaysia, is an area of culture and modernity. Due to increasing workloads and competition, businesses around Malaysia are searching for the finest business management to automate and streamline their business management procedures. Despite the large selection of software available in Malaysia, accounting software remains in high demand across all company sectors.

SMEs are regarded as being the foundation of Malaysia’s economy. Small and medium-sized businesses make up 97% of all firms in Malaysia. Most businesses use simple accounting software to speed up their financial operations. With a quick and simple-to-use interface, it tracks sales, purchases, and transactions.

To monitor the progress of the firm, it’s crucial to use straightforward accounting software. Users may easily maintain all the information while getting a comprehensive picture of the company’s financial stability. The program effectively manages bookkeeping and permits the tracking of sales and expenses to increase profit margins. Every firm relies on accounting, thus in order to run their operations effectively, they either require an accountant or simple accounting software.

In Malaysia, a large selection of domestic and international accounting software with thorough accounting features are accessible to serve all kinds of enterprises. Most accounting software falls into one of three categories.

Today we will talk about the top five accounting software you can use for your business.


AutoCount may be able to save in any extraordinary situation. With 600,000 people actively using it this program has greatly increased in popularity throughout Malaysia. Given that many firms now have employees that work remotely from their homes, AutoCount is extremely helpful in today’s workplace.

With AutoCount, you can quickly and simply create a secure cloud backup of your data, invoices, and vouchers to protect it from natural catastrophes like floods or fires. Additionally, their protected login and access would ensure that only your devoted staff have access to your company’s files, allowing you to trust them with your most important data.

In addition, AutoCount gives you the ability to plan your periodic payments and generate document templates so that you won’t need to spend time on tedious tasks. It also offers an automatic stock adjustment mechanism, which is useful if you own an online store and must keep your inventory updated to satisfy customers.

Bukku Accounting

Bukku is the only AI-powered cloud-based accounting software created for SMEs in Malaysia. It enables you to manage your company and securely access your financial information from any connected device, anywhere at any time.

Both business owners and professional accountants can use Bukku. We have you covered everything from your business dashboard, invoicing, getting paid online, recording expenses and claims, managing your fixed assets, stock control, and bank reconciliation to complete accounting for your year-end submissions.

There are three main components from Bukku worth mentioning:

Get paid online with a free merchant account

The lowest transaction costs on the market are provided by Bukku’s seamless integration with the payment gateway. Receive payment more quickly with FPX or credit card, and have the official receipt created automatically.

Record expenses without data entry

Using Digital Shoebox, you may upload receipts and bills from your PC or smartphone into Bukku. Data input is carried out automatically and accurately for you, helping you to significantly lessen your workload.

Bank reconciliation automated

Your bank reconciliation procedure is automated by SmartRecon, which enables you to submit PDFs of your bank statements and have the entries matched automatically. If compared to other accounting systems, it can save up to 80% of the time.


The Malaysian SQL accounting software is made to assist companies of all sizes in streamlining their accounting procedures. Accounting is made simpler, quicker, and more precise with the help of this program, which makes use of a variety of capabilities including multi-dimensional reporting and advanced EIS tools. Numerous cutting-edge functions offered by Malaysian SQL accounting systems assist companies in streamlining their operations and boosting profits.

The SQL software is appropriate for both large and medium-sized businesses. Several well-known household brands, including Goodnite mattresses, 99 Speedmarts, Smart Gloves, Vivo smartphones, Carsome, and Burger King, have used SQL’s Account system from the beginning of their commercial operations with only the basic software configuration. Since then, SQL accounts have expanded along with their flourishing business. The business workflow of a developing organization may be improved by operational and preventative customization. Operational customization can enhance business workflow, while preventive customization can enhance system security, integrity, and control. In addition to adding User Defined fields to the application to input and report new data, SQL is extremely customizable.

They offer an extensive product range of software & mobile applications for Accounting, Stock, E-commerce, POS, Construction, Production, Payroll, eLeave & eClaim, creating Total Business Software Solutions for an extra competitive edge.


Using easy built-in capabilities that can handle GST and other tax procedures, this accounting software makes it simpler for you to perform tax-based transactions. Businesses having a lot of GST-related activity would be able to file their taxes more quickly and on schedule using this application. It can quickly calculate GST using a real-time interface, saving your accountant from having to manually enter percentages each time.

These are the advantages of using MYOB:

  1. MYOB offers a simplified data entry process that is often quick, easy, and only necessary once.

  2. Processing income between a sale and an invoice is short.

  3. Automation of reports and analyses, including sales, inventory counts, debtors and creditors, customer accounts, and profit & loss.

  4. Reduction of mistakes such as inaccurate or incomplete transaction recording, figure transaction recording, figure transportation, etc.


The accounting software QNE is renowned for being user-friendly. It includes powerful features that will help it satisfy business needs, the availability of user audit trails, and dare-sensitive report performance. It operates on the cloud and provides customers with real-time service. Additionally, QNE offers projected data, cash flow conditions, and break-even point information.

The resource also enables processes to be carried out in a methodical manner. For instance, inventory software makes it easy to manage inventory since it makes it simple to create invoices and maintain documents like employee details and stock balances.

These are the top 5 accounting software you can use for your business. For any business, selecting the right accounting software is crucial since it improves financial performance. Which accounting software is best for your company will depend on a variety of criteria. Everything hinges on how effectively your business has developed, how you want to organize the financial data, and your ability to adhere to all financial rules and regulations the program highlights.

You must comprehend your own company’s needs if you are a business owner. What specifications do you have for the company? How much money are prepared to spend on the software? Given that the option is entirely up to you, you must carefully consider your needs and exercise good judgment.


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